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Just fifteen percent of Medicare Advantage members have received messaging specific to their diagnosed chronic disease. Thirty-five percent said that they have never received a reminder of any kind from their MA plan.

As a result of this inability to reach members on an individual level, beneficiaries are not very likely to follow through with recommendations from their health plans. BasicHealth works to provide members with information specifically related to their needs and conditions. Combined with our Personas and Content Library, we create and distribute motivational educational content that allows you to play an active role in your healthcare plan. We want you to have all the most recent information related to your specific conditions with just a few clicks on your phone or keyboard. Information can be delivered to you directly on your Home Screen, on your Calendar, or searched for in our Content Library. 


Stay Informed

Staying informed about the latest research and information regarding your chronic conditions is critical to your healthcare plan. Our News module scans the internet for the latest information across a broad spectrum of chronic diseases and provides you with the newest information. By providing your conditions at registration, we make sure you only receive information that’s relevant to you.

Additionally, we use this module to provide simple, but helpful activities to improve overall well-being. Examples include Gratitude Journaling, Stress Reduction Exercises, Organizational Recommendations, and much more.

All content is available in English and Spanish.

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